Child Custody, Adoption and Name Change
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Child Custody

For many parents and their children, child custody is the most heart-wrenching aspect of family law. Lori Gardiner Kreglow, Esquire will advocate for your parental rights and the quality of life for your children and you, so that they can be raised in as conflict free an environment as possible.

If you are the noncustodial parent, divorce or separation should not force you to miss the important milestones in your children's lives. Let’s get together, discuss your children, the quality time you can spend with them to encourage their strong growth and future development and plan your case together to achieve that goal.

Child custody has a legal decision and a physical custody component. Pennsylvania has sixteen (16) factors to consider in every child custody case. How your particular circumstances relate to those factors is important and should be discussed prior to filing any custody action.


Adoptions are very joyous times; however, this is a legal process and should be treated as such. The court has very specific steps to follow for adoptions; especially in the case where a parent is relinquishing their right and another individual (usually a step parent) is ready, willing and able to adopt the child or children.

Let’s discuss your particular adoption situation and identify what needs to be done to ensure your family enjoys this happy moment.

Name Change

There are many situations in life when a name change is necessary or requested for a particular reason. A name change involves filing very particular papers, following very particular legal steps, and having a court hearing in most cases, unless you want to resume your maiden name.

In the event you are thinking about changing your name, that of your child, or resuming your maiden name, let us discuss what might be involved in this process. It is important to be aware that social security needs actual legal documentation prior to changing your name on their records.