Family Law and Divorce
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Family Law and Divorce

When you request the legal services of Lori Gardiner Kreglow, Esquire, she will help guide you in every step of the legal process regarding family law matters and divorce. Her years of legal experience combined with her attentive manner will give you fair consideration in your divorce and a plan for moving forward and restructuring your life.

She will help you identify all of your marital assets and debts, calculate their value, and assist you in the divorce process.

Legal matters involving your family are emotionally draining and sensitive, making it essential to turn to the right family law attorney. Backed by over 25 years of legal experience, Lori Gardiner Kreglow, Esquire understands the process and is there to help you.

Divorce, Separation, and Custody Plans

If you have the time to plan for divorce, separation, or a custody action, it is an excellent idea to seek legal advice well in advance of any legal papers being filed and/or a residence being changed.

Advanced planning for divorce, separation and custody can give you insight into what may lie ahead, what pitfalls to avoid, and a clearer picture to plan for your future. Schedule an appointment with Lori Gardiner Kreglow, Esquire to discuss and make plans for divorce, separation, and custody so that you can navigate ahead with fewer surprises.

Name Changes

There are many situations in life when a name change is necessary or requested for a particular reason. A name change involves filing very particular papers, following very particular legal steps, and having a court hearing in most cases, unless you want to resume your maiden name.

In the event you are thinking about changing your name, that of your child, or resuming your maiden name, let us discuss what might be involved in this process. It is important to be aware that social security needs actual legal documentation prior to changing your name on their records."